My name is Naomi Culley and I currently live on the Outer Banks with my husband Luke, son Ben and our fur-baby Zoey. Most days you can find me home with a good cup of coffee in hand, jamming out to some Bon Iver while bouncing a baby on my hip. I decided to pursue my passion of photography full-time by launching Naomi Culley Photography! I get to do what I love every day, whether it is taking pictures of gorgeous weddings, elopements and families or staying home and getting to raise my son. This business is a true joy and it brings so much joy to my family as well. It may be my job but it's also my hobby. Not too many people get to say that and I am so thankful to be one of the lucky ones. My husband realized just how freaking awesome this "gig" was and has decided to make this a family affair! We have way too much fun working together and getting to be combined creatives.  We would love nothing more than to be your biggest supporters and hype team! Thats enough about us and onto the good stuff...



I first picked up a point and shoot canyon camera in middle school but back then my intention was not to become a photographer. I simply wanted to capture moments so that they would last a lifetime! I just wanted to authentically capture the world and the people around me. Fast forward to today and my goal is still the same, to capture real-life one adventure at a time! And as family, destination elopement & wedding photographers, this is what we strive for with each and every one of our clients. Whether your wedding adventure is taking place on an Outer Banks beach or NYC, our goal will always be to capture you and your love story. Our dynamic is fun and energetic! I love having a husband and wife combo especially for weddings. I say its our secret weapon because guys will be guys and ladies we're going to have a fabulous time! Luke & I are coming to your family shoot, elopement or wedding with the same goal in mind... We want to capture the authentic and real YOU. The moments that give you butters flys and happy tiers years down the road. 



Naomi & Luke




Since our goal is authenticity, our first step is to get to know you and your story. We do not want to simply pose you, but capture you as you really are. When you look back on your photos years from now we want you to say, that was totally US in the picture. We want to capture the belly laughs until you cry, the quirky side and what makes you unique as a couple. Our second step is for you to get to know Luke & I. We do not want to roll up to your wedding as a stranger like "hello, you don't know us but we are going to be with you for every moment of your big day!" HOW AWKWARD!! No, we want to become more like an old friend than another wedding vendor. From the time you inquire all the way through your gallery delivery, we have your back! We will answer all your questions, we will fix your hair for you, carry your change of clothes, and I will even personally wipe the lipstick off your teeth ( I have done this for one of my brides haha) if needed. Why would we do all this for you?!?!?! Because we know how awkward it can feel being in front of the camera, so we do not want to just deliver great photos but a great experience as well. When we walk in we want you to just relax because you know we are on this adventure together!